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Batiste Brothers Band A/K/A Batiste

The Batiste Brand is instrumental in promoting and marketing "Louisiana Music"/"American Music" and traditions.  Since the seventies, Batiste has toured, showcased and touted the culture of the region.  We are engaged in the music, the people and business of the south.  John J. Batiste Sr. and Estella Curtis Batiste are the nucleus of a large musical family.  Dad and Mom pushed and sacrificed to send us in the direction of entertainment.  They had experience the difficulties and hardships of performing and wanting to perform for a living, and in spite of what they saw, they still aggregated (Together we stand - Divided we fall) and prodded us to move forward in music.

Over the years, multiples of venues and halls have seen Batiste perform.  From corner Bars, Churches, Fields, Flat Bed Trucks, Floats, Boats, to Schools, Batiste has been in demand.  With the artistry, leadership and creativity of Paul A. Batiste - who has a degree in Music Education, an Honorable Discharge from the US Army and a career of teaching music for over 30 years, the name "Batiste" has earned World Wide acclaim.  Paul has endeavored to walk in the footsteps of John Sr. and Estella.  It shouldn't surprise anyone that the Brand has significant value.

Educators, Prominent figures in the world, Politicians, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Promoters, Artist and the like have expressed interest in the Brand.  The Brand has catapulted Batiste members to stardom and fame.

Batiste has earned it's place in the realms of "Distinction."  Traveling locally and nationally for the sake of entertainment and sometimes not being adequately acknowledged and rewarded, but there to promote and glorify a trade - of and under recognized region of excellence in Art

Paul A. Batiste



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