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Batiste Cultural Arts Academy will be renamed, stay in ReNEW network, CEO says

Students from Batiste Cultural Arts Academy,a charter school that will change names next week, play some of the new instruments they received thanks to a $25,000 donation from Fidelity Investments and the Fidelity FutureStage arts education program in 2010. (The Times-Picayune archive)
Danielle Dreilinger, | The Times-PicayuneBy Danielle Dreilinger, | The Times-Picayune 
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on May 23, 2013 at 5:06 PM, updated May 23, 2013 at 5:19 PM

Batiste Cultural Arts Academy will change its name to ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy on Wednesday, the chief executive of the ReNEW charter school network said. ReNEW runs fiveNew Orleans charters in the Recovery School District.

Announcements had appeared on Facebook and several websites that the Irish Channel school not only was leaving the ReNEW network but also was moving to the campus of Coghill, a recently chartered elementary in Gentilly, with directions for people to call or email Paul Batiste, a member of the famed musician family, for information. But ReNew CEO Gary Robichaux on Thursday described the situation as a tussle over naming rights, saying Paul Batiste's attorney called about a month ago to demand $200,000 in exchange for the Batiste name.

Robichaux declined. "We can't use state taxpayers' dollars to honor someone on the side of a building," he said.

The ReNew network had in fact already received permission from the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to change the school's name in an effort to unify names across the network, Robichaux said. The arts-integrated curriculum will remain the same, and Damon and David Batiste still work for ReNEW. Paul Batiste left ReNEW's employ around October 2012, Robichaux said.

David Batiste said he had retained a lawyer to challenge Paul for the rights to use the family name. Neither Paul Batiste nor the staff at Coghill immediately responded to requests for comment.


The legendary Album "Freeze" is on ebay.  Today, get your copy of the world famous Batiste Brothers Band hit of the eighties,,,,Now on ebay.....written by Paul Batiste....featuring the hit....."It's All About the Family"....with "Freeze" and "Dancin' Shoes"

As witnessed by my book—on occasion—I have something to say.  The book I wrote, proves that there is much to talk about.  However, I’m not the one to talk about it—so I thought.  After many years of people telling me to come from behind the scenes and carry the torch.  Meaning, they thought I should be the spokes person for The Batiste Family®.  Well, the time has come for me to except the responsibility of speaking out.  I once said I don’t like to speak and was told I missed my calling.  That’s not a compliment.  

It’s a calling to try to help others by speaking for them.  Today, I want to speak for the Arts.  I have many pages of background speaking for the Arts.  Still, there’s much to be done.  Now, I discovered, I can use the “Pen.”  I don’t consider myself a writer, but I find myself expressing myself through the Arts and writing is another great form of the Arts.

Therefore, from time to time, I will be writing a Newsletter.  I don’t have a format or schedule to write to you, so it’ll take some time for this to become organized.

The subject today—as always—is family.  I have spent many years and words selling the idea of “Family.”  Somehow, I don’t see enough credit going to “Family.”  In 1982, I wrote, “It’s All About the Family.”  It’s a great song, but it seems it didn’t get the attention it should have gotten.  When I conceived it, I thought it would become a million seller.  When it didn’t become an all time favorite, I knew how hard the battle would be.  Nonetheless, I continue to struggle with the concept of total family involvement.  It’s been a mission of mine to show what happens when everyone sticks together.  

Until now, I have had total involvement of the entire Batiste Family®.  I have been complimented on how, I was able to keep them together since 1971.  After decades of trying to hold on to family members, “Times Have Changed.”

Today, I’m announcing the departure of “David Batiste and Damon Batiste” from the Batiste Brothers Band®/The Batiste Family®.  I wish them good luck in there endeavor to “Go Solo.”  Though, I understand the pressures of life to move forward, I will miss their presence on stage with The Batiste Family® and Batiste Brothers Band®.

I have exclusive rights to book the band.  All Rights Reserved

504 738-3040


Paul A. Batiste

Founder of Batiste Brothers Band®, The Batiste Family® and Batiste Cultural Arts Academy@


There are those who would benefit from going “Solo.”  There are great examples of artist who left the pack behind, and I applaud the ambition and talent it takes to go solo.  The hard work and dedication to one’s self for the sake of gain takes tremendous will power.  Now, to clear the air, I must say nothing is wrong with going solo.

In a like manner, there’s nothing wrong with going family.  Family is home.  Though, not always at a house, home can be a city, state, country or a nation.  We all can be a family.  I have written lesson plans, songs and enlisted family members to be family for decades.  It works.  There are many success stories stemming from “home.”  I remember what my college professor once said, “There’s strength in numbers.”  What makes the Batiste Brothers strong is family.  

People love family because they can relate directly to the love.  “Brothers” is “Family” and so are sisters, children and other members.  Even companies can exhibit unity as well as trust.  Organizations have the ability to look sound and feel like everybody belongs.

On the other hand, I know there are differences in missions.  Also, it’s possible for business to come first.  However, if there’s no corruption, then even business can have trust.  

What I’m trying to say is “Keep the Family.”  Those are the lyrics to a song I wrote in 1982.  Decades ago, I knew how difficult my plan for unity among all families would be.  

Let’s keep the hope and desire to be “One” in our goals and missions.  Bands and organization should stick together and try to have the same exclusive members and enjoy the success I have had with keeping the family for 4 decades.


Paul A. Batiste

BEST........Be the Best Bring Brilliance Be the Brightest

ACHIEVING..........Achieve Artistry As you Arrive in Arts Aims

TALENTED............Talent Teaching Talented Teach

INTELLECTUAL..........Interwoven Intellect In Every Industry

Students.................Standards Study Scholarly Situations

TRY............................Teach Tell Try Tried Tradition Turnaround

EXCELLENCE...............Enjoy Extreme Intense Entertainment Evolution Events

— Paul A. Batiste —

School news release!

Paul A. Batiste is one of seven boys born to John and Estella Batiste. He is a professional musician, band director, guitar teacher and composer. He is the recipient of the Superintendent’s Award, Con Brio (for service to music), the National Elementary Schools Recognition Award and the Wal-Mart 2007 local Teacher of the Year Award. In addition, his experience in education and the entertainment business spans 30 years. He has been an educator for more than 30 years and 40 years of being a leader of the Gladiators, and more recently, the Batiste Brothers Band. Also, he is a veteran of the US Army and former member of the 204th and 202nd Military Police Company. In addition, he has received the National Defense Medal. This year, he is celebrating his 50th Anniversary in music. This

As a student at SUNO, Paul tried to study everyone from Bach and Beethoven to artist like Segovia, Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Muddy Waters, Howard Roberts, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King and many others. This planted seeds for developing his own style by combining Classical, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Spiritual, and Funk.

“Education and Performing Arts are rewarding experiences. I started teaching in 1978 at a high school and Hogan's Conservatory of the Arts in New Orleans. The culture and traditions that exist in different communities, lends itself to a gratuitous teaching and learning experience. It is a place where there is a “Gumbo” style of music that compliments the wonderful and creative people. Also, I am a guitarist but I teach and play many different instruments. Combine that with playing the many different venues and concerts (local, national and international) and it’s a recipe loving one’s trade.

The CD is a collection of songs written representing a cross-section of music that stimulates the senses. All songs are written, produced, recorded, engineered, performed and programmed by Paul Batiste. The trademark sound is raw and pure. “Slow and Easy” is southern soul. The country/gospel sound of “Tribute to My Parents”, offers a sentimental journey to the pass and a dedication. Meanwhile, “Sudden Death” is rock and roll at it’s finest.

I want to personally thank the thousand of fans who have supported the Batiste Family over the pass few decades. And, I would like to thank the students and parents who let me into their lives-the many parent conferences, report card conferences, trails and tribulation, first steps in the music world and the many performances we shared. Your excitement, love for music and continued interest, will always be appreciated and remember.”

Paul A. Batiste,

My students and their parents call me “Mr. Batiste.”

makes him a knowledgeable and talented asset to the community.

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